.........From their first savage, youthful rise they were armed with scarfs, make-up, hairspray, bleached and black hair. With influences of Kiss, Sweet and New York Dolls the band was formed in Malmoe, Sweden in the summer of 1987 by vocalist Andy Pierce and bassist Dick Qwarfort.
1988 they released the first single Donít Walk From Love.

They got signed and started to record the debutalbum. With the release of Gigolos On Parole, 1989 the band started to earn the reputation of being one of the hottest new rock acts in Scandinavia. With good looks and gutsy singalong glam/metal anthems the band achieved lots
of publicity - mostly for their on and off stage antics, all in the fast lane; sex, drugs and rock ní roll.

Their second album Cruel Intention turned out to be a lucky strike for the band. The album was recorded 1990 in between gigs and tours just as the L.A way of sleaze/glamrock was at its peak. With the release of Cruel Intention, 1991 they became an icon in the genre, the number one sleazerock band from Scandinavia. The music videos for Cool Way Of Living, Canít Get Yaí Off My Mind and Trashed Ní Dirty was on heavy rotation on MTV Headbangers Ball and other territories - U.S, UK, Germany and Japan began to show interest in the band.

Nasty Idols approached a harder type of sleazerock on their third album. Other bands in the
genre was giving in because of the grunge hype and lost of popularity. Nasty Idols carried on with their rock ní roll crusade and released Vicious in October, 1993 in Europe and Japan.
The album spawned two music videos; Heads Down In Tinseltown and Ainít Got Nothing.

Nasty Idols decided to split up around 1995 just as the recording of the fourth album Heroes For Sale was completed. The years after the break-up of Nasty Idols their four original albums including two Best Of has been reissued several times with U.S and Worldwide sales.
Nasty Idols was re-united 2006 and did the Rejects On The Road Tour.

With over the top reviews the comeback album Boys Town was released 2009. The cover song Method To My Madness of The Lord Of The New Church became the official video of the album.

After a couple of years in retreat Nasty Idols are back 2012 with their sixth album titled Kalifornia.