April, 19th 2013
Gigs cancelled!
Nasty Idols UK, Germany and Switzerland gigs are cancelled due to personal issues.
Nasty Idols confirms: At this time we don't know if or when we're gonna continue as a band,
so there for we have to cancel all band activites for now. We are sorry for all the inconvenience this might bring.

March, 14th 2013
"Kalifornia" review

Posted March, 14th 2013
Zoak Twitter and Facebook
New Bass player ZOAK's Twitter and Facebook.
ZOAK Facebook ZOAK Twitter

Posted February, 27th 2013
Nasty Idols 2013 gig dates!
Nasty Idols will soon update 2013 gig dates.
First warm up-gig: KB / MALMÖ / SWEDEN / MARCH 2TH / Supporting Hardcore Superstar

Posted February, 27th 2013
Dick Q leaves Nasty Idols...
Dick Q has after 25 years of beating the sleazy shit out of his bass made the decision to leave
the band. Time for touring and gigging simply was'nt there with everything else going on in his busy creative life. We wish him the best of everything in all his endevours... / Nasty Idols

New member joins the family!
As we gear up to hit the road for the Helter Skelter 2013 tour we take the opportunity to present
a new addition to the band. New family member Zoak will take the position as the bass player
of Nasty idols.

Posted February, 27th 2013
"1969" in "Manson Girls"
Nasty Idols original song "1969 (This Ain't The Summer Of Love) taken from the "Kalifornia" album will appear in the feature movie "Manson Girls" opening 2013.
Manson Girls (2013)

Posted December, 21th 2012
Nasty Idols original albums on Spotify
Nasty Idols original album catalogue are now streaming exclusively on Spotify.
Nasty Idols / Spotify

Posted December, 20th 2012
New merchandise!
Brand new Nasty Idols merchandise can be purchased in the Official Store opening 2013.

Posted December, 20th 2012

Sweden Rock Magazine 2012 Best Albums
Nasty Idols album "Kalifornia" landed on #32 on Sweden Rock Magazines "Best Albums of 2012",
beneath was Cults "Choice of Weapon" and ZZ-Tops "La Futura".

Posted December, 20th 2012
New U.K album reviews / /

Posted December, 20th 2012

"Kalifornia" review
Nasty Idols / Kalifornia review.

Posted November, 12th 2012
Nasty Idols / Since U Been Gone
They leave us with a lovely but sad ballad in 'Since U Been Gone' - ciggy lighter in the air now babies...- METALVILLE
Taken from the new album "Kalifornia". Nasty Idols / Since U Been Gone

Posted October, 29th 2012

Nasty Idols / Sister Sin
Sister Sin - Taken from the new album "Kalifornia". Nasty Idols / Sister Sin

Posted November, 5th 2012

"Kalifornia" reviews
New Reviews of Nasty Idols new album Kalifornia. /

Posted October, 26th 2012

Nasty Idols / The Golden VHS Years (Part 1)
Classic swedish sleazerock band Nasty Idols video collection 1990 -1995.
Featuring: Interviews, studio footage from the "Cruel Intention" , "Vicious" and "Heroes For Sale" albums, live performance, backstage and much more....
Nasty Idols / Alive n' Kickin' - Top Gear TV Apperance 1990.
The recording & photosession of the single "Alive n' Kickin' 1990.
Also available on VideoTrade DVD (Nasty Idols - The Video Collection)
Nasty Idols / The Golden VHS Years (Part 1)

Posted September, 18th 2012

Nasty Idols interview
Critical Mass (Swedish) New Nasty Idols Interview up!

Posted September, 18th 2012
New "Kalifornia" reviews
New Nasty Idols album reviews: / /

Posted August, 28th 2012
New album "Kalifornia"out now!
The new album out today the 28th August 2012.
Scandinavia's premier glam/sleaze bands returns. Ever since their first savage and youthful rise back in the late 80ís the swedish rockers Nasty Idols has delivered their own brand of straight forward sleazy metal rock. The new album Kalifornia contains 11 original tracks featuring: Kalifornia, 1969 (This Ain't The Summer Of Love), Nightstalkin' and Roadtrip.... / / / / / / /

Posted August, 28th 2012

Nasty Idols video "Kalifornia" out now!
Nasty Idols video release of the title track "Kalifornia" from the coming album.

Posted July, 25th 2012

New album "Kalifornia"out 28th August 2012
The new sixth album "Kalifornia" will be out 28th August 2012. Nasty Idols promise it will be the most vicious sleaze piece they've ever done." - We started the recording just after the BOYS TOWN release. Then we tock some time off to say the least", says Dick Qwarfort the bassist. "- We´ve made our most vicious and hard sleaze album thats for sure".
The new album "Kalifornia" will contain 11 original tracks featuring: Kalifornia , 1969 (This Ain't The Summer Of Love) , Nightstalkin' and Roadtrip.

Posted July, 25th 2012

Order new album on Ginza!
Pre-order the new album "Kalifornia" here!

Posted May, 10th 2012

Andy Pierce / 18 & Life interview
Check out the 18 & Life interview with Andy Pierce on

Posted April, 26th 2012

Never Too Loud interview (Swedish)
Swedish Never Too Loud Interview with Andy Pierce

Posted April, 25th 2012
New Nasty Idols single out!
Nasty Idols releases (26th April) the first single "No More Rules" from the coming album.
Nasty Idols / No More Rules